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“What is this? Is it rock, blues, or something entirely else? Does it even matter - I don’t know. However, what I am certain of is that this album is good - damn good!! Oh and yes, it rocks and rolls - incredible stuff. Album of the year contender? Gee, and it’s only February!”

Neil Rogers The Australian Mood 3RRR-FM


“To be different, authentic and good is near on impossible. Unless you are Opelousas.” 

Jon Von Goes JVG Radio Method 3 RRR-FM 

“Epically sensual music that hangs in the air like humidity. Like a Mississippi disco shot by David Lynch with really good lighting” - Chris Russell Musician Melbourne 


"Can't compare it with any other Aussie band, I believe ." Helen Jennings OAM 3 PBS 106.7FM 

Helen Jennings OAM 3PBS- FM                                  

Available on bandcamp

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