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OPELOUSAFRIED - Second Studio Album

Released 13 Feb 2024

What is this? Is it rock, blues, or something entirely else? Does it even matter - I don’t know. However, what I am certain of is that this album is good - damn good!! Oh, and yes, it rocks and rolls - incredible stuff. Album of the year contender? Gee, and it’s only February!

Neil Rogers, The Australian Mood 3RRR-FM

Melbourne’s swamp-blues powerhouse Opelousas are back in the saddle with their much anticipated second album OPELOUSAFRIED, taking listeners on a captivating journey through a dramatic landscape filled with swaggering songs. Steering the posse from the production chair is ARIA award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist Jeff Lang with his monumental command of all things audio.


Following on from their award-winning 2019 debut Opelousafied, the new album raises the stakes even higher. Opelousafried showcases a further evolution in the interplay between Kerri Simpson’s extraordinarily visceral vocals and powerfully raw guitar, Anthony “Shorty” Shortte’s hypnotic grooves and swamp-soaked percussion and Alison Ferrier’s menacing electric guitar, keening amplified fiddle and sultry vocal tones. Opelousafried was released on Fat Tuesday, 13 February 2024.

Order the album on BANDCAMP now or follow Opelousas and stream on a site like Spotify

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